Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019

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December 16 – 19, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp:

It was in 2017 that a team of youths realized need of an intensive program dedicated to brewing up young entrepreneurs from across the globe since most of the events on entrepreneurship at that time were dedicated to existing entrepreneurs rather than creating new ones. Giving the realization a form of event, the team designed and organized the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (GEB) from September 2nd to 4th, 2017 in Kakani, Nepal.

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was introduced as a 4-day educational/leadership session designed for the youth. GEB brought together many young innovative minds from around the world and placed them on a common platform to innovate and create new businesses through collaboration. The primary aim of GEB has always been to provide participants an overwhelming lifetime experience to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills to start their own venture. GEB is the platform to interact with mentors, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to hear what budding entrepreneurs are thinking of and guide them on the right path to making a successful startup.

GEB is an incredible opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and perspectives, both entrepreneurial and otherwise. It is also an opportunity to exchange and share ideas with other participants. GEB creates an environment where people from all backgrounds can create, innovate, collaborate and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

The success of the first edition of the bootcamp led to the second edition being organized in Bangkok, Thailand from January 15th to 18th, 2018. Likewise, the third Bootcamp hosted around 160 participants from 35 different countries in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2nd to 5th July, 2018. The fourth edition of GEB was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 17th to 20th December, 2018 which brought together more than 150 participants from 40 different countries. The fifth edition of GEB was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 27th to 30th June 2019 which bought together more than 160 participants from 40 different countries.

Known for its contribution in flourishing the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, GEB in its 5th edition gave special priority to the new dimension in the entrepreneurial ethos called ‘social entrepreneurship’ in this edition. Professor Muhammad Yunus—a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur and Nobel laureate—was the keynote speaker for the Bootcamp.

GEB has grown successively in all the editions. The event has grown from an educational and leadership session on entrepreneurship to a bridge connecting the innovative minds and global investors by the fifth edition. In each successive edition, GEB has constantly updated and revised its format in order to make it simpler for young minds, keeping its originality unharmed.

GEB is a program focused on imparting entrepreneurial education, with special emphasis on Asian and African countries where entrepreneurship is just a new term.

Why GEB?

In the sea of events, you might have confusions about which to attend and which not to. Thorough research on a particular event on aspects like its fitness for you, its contribution to your growth, and its content is important for you to decide on this matter. If you are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, there cannot be an event better than GEB for you. We have not introduced this widely participated event just for those who want to be an entrepreneur. GEB is for those who desire to transform their thoughts into actions.

The first and foremost reason for anyone to join the GEB is its guidance to innovative minds on how they can transform their innovative ideas into a business model. In the GEB, you can learn the knowhow of entrepreneurship in multiple ways. We provide you with training sessions on how to manage your thought process when you are brainstorming on an idea, how to groom that idea into the one that fits the market, and how to finally shape your idea into a business. You will be equipped with complete understanding about the supply chain in entrepreneurship.

GEB has recognized team work as an important part of success. Therefore, after the training in GEB, you will form teams in order to work on an idea agreed by the members to eventually design a sustainable business model. The best models are awarded. The real opportunity is here. GEB invites investors and incubators from across the world who can fund your business model if they find it fit for the market. Business models have already seen success in the market includes “Crumblyy”(a business model presents short form content in 15+ categories, including technology, health and fitness, food and drinks, lifestyle, fashion, relationship, DIYs, parenting, money savers, among others), “10 minutes School” (a concept based on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in educational sector by changing the way one learns), “ Appli” (A tech driven and cost effective platform with integration of deep learning and data analysis platform where a user can practice and improve interview skills and communication skills), “Precisely”(a mobile platform that make both academic and professional opportunities easier to grab with the help of machine learning),”Chyine(Chyang)”(a traditionally made alcohol revived for commercial purpose), “Guliyo”(an idea on marketing of traditionally made sweets in the eastern hills of Nepal).

For your flexibility, you can form teams of your choice in the GEB. We believe that everybody may not be able to work with anybody. So, you will have an opportunity to interact with like-minded people from across the globe and work with them. So, GEB can be a platform for you to grow your network and meet the potential partner with whom you can work to expand start-up in different countries across the globe.

The GEB brings successful entrepreneurs and specialists from various parts of the world as guest speakers. They will talk about their experience in the journey of entrepreneurship and the ups and downs they have faced along with guiding suggestions for you.

GEB invites successful joint venture companies, venture capitalists and angels every year who are the potential investors for your business ideas. So, you can enter the network of innovative minds, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial educators and mentors, investors, and incubators from all over the world that the GEB has been building ever since its inception. We believe that this network is going to be with you throughout your journey as an entrepreneur. The international exposure that GEB provides can be vital for your personal as well as interpersonal growth.

Ideas pitched in GEB have raised more than ten million US Dollars funds from investors so far. GEB has also grown to be the largest start-up ecosystem in Asia and Africa.

Further, GEB has introduced a platform for the participants of GEB called GEBx where some selected participants of the Bootcamp share their entrepreneurial journey. The GEBx aims to showcase the inspiring and motivational journey of the entrepreneurs.

You seriously need to join the GEB if you are among the innovative minds looking for an opportunity to learn, explore, and grow internationally. There might have been times that you had a brilliant idea, but could not work on it. Do not let that happen again.

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