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Study in Canada with/without IELTS 

Looking for information how to get study in Canada without IELTS? The following article contains complete information about this topic. As an international student in Canada, one needs to get required score in IELTS but today, there are many universities in Canada which allow international students to get admission in their university without passing IELTS test. Even Embassy of Canada is now letting international students in Canada without IELTS. Following I am sharing complete information that how to get student visa of Canada without IELTS. Also Visit  #Global_Scholarship #Fellowship #Internship #STUDY_CANADA #International_Volunteering Information about scholarships from all over the world! Wondering about scholarship opportunities? Browse through the site for opportunities at every corner of the globe.

There are few ways which allow on to get in Canada as the student without appearing or passing the IELTS test. These are:

  • Get English proficiency certificate for Canada
  • Search universities that do not require IELTS
  • Complete online English language course

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Get English proficiency certificate for Canada:

Getting English proficiency certificate for Canada is very easy for the international students. Universities in Canada are now offering two options to the international students and one of them is called providing English proficiency certificate. If you have studied all subject in the English language in past then you can ask for the certificate from your previous school and use it as a language certificate. Even students whose schooling has been done in English medium school can get this certificate instead of going through the IELTS test procedure.

Search universities that do not require IELTS:

IELTS has never been the requirement of Canadian embassy but it is the requirement of universities in Canada. But not all universities in Canada required international students to provide IELTS certificate with a certain score. There are many universities in Canada where international students are now allowed to study without IELTS requirements. With the help of Google, one can easily search such type of universities. To help you with this, here is the list of top universities in Canada that do not require IELTS any more:

  1. Okanagan College
  2. Concordia University
  3. Cambrian College
  4. Memorial University
  5. Seneca College, Toronto
  6. University of Regina
  7. University of Saskatchewan
  8. University of Winnipeg
  9. Brock University
  10. Carleton University

Complete online English language course:

The last way to get in Canada without IELTS is passing online English language courses. These courses are much easier than IELTS and there isn’t any standard required to pass them with a specific score like IELTS. Instead of showing IELTS certificate, the student can use these online language courses to get admission in Canadian universities easily.

When Canadian Embassy does not require IELTS:

As mentioned previously, IELTS has never been the requirement of Canadian Embassy but the university only. If you use any of the above methods to get admission in Canadian University, then you can show the IELTS exemption certificate or letter to the embassy issued by the university. This letter is consists of a single page and does not really required by the Canadian embassy. By providing IELTS exemption letter, one can make his/her case stronger.

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  1. At first, take my salam. My name is Md , Taufic Islam. I am a student. I read in class 12. At first, thekei, ami dream dekhtam , j ami Canada te study korbo, jani na se dream amar konodin puron hobe kina, ami akjon valo student hoye valo kore amar study ta korte chai, jodi apnara porjapto help koren.

  2. Hello sir/mam, I am looking Canada for higher study. I have completed bachelor in Mechanical engineering .My ielts is overall 6 no less than 5.5.Is there is someone to help me to take admission in master..

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