2021 Canada Scholarships for African Students: Apply Now

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Canada Scholarships for African Students
2021 Canada Scholarships for African Students

Top 10 Universities Offering Scholarships in Canada for African Students:

Are you an African student who wants to study in Canada? There are various scholarships in Canada for African students. These scholarships vary from courses to another depending on the choice of course from the African students. These Canada scholarships are for any level either for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The main thing here is to have good grades to qualify for these scholarships in Canada for African students because most of them are based on merit.

Scholarships offer comes up every year for those who are ready to grab the opportunity. In this article, we are going to see different scholarships. Furthermore, there is nothing that has to do with education that doesn’t have some forms of criteria. Canada who has a high standard of education offers this privilege to everyone who is deeply in love with education. Many African students have benefited from these scholarships and have also gotten an opportunity to work in Canada. Let’s see these various universities. Moreover, you can also go through the updated list of cheap universities in Canada.

Universities Offering Scholarships in Canada for African Students

The following are the various universities that offer scholarships in Canada for African students:

This is a university that offers various scholarships in Canada for African students. The scholarship comes at various levels such as diploma, advanced diploma, and graduate certificate programs. Humber scholarship comes in various categories such as International Entrance Scholarship, Bachelorship’s Degree Scholarships, Bachelorship’s Degree Scholarships for EAP graduates, and Awards for EAP graduates. One of the major criteria for being part of this scholarship is having a good CGPA. Read more…

This university has international students in mind while offering their scholarships. In the sense that they offer them financial support, even fresh students from Africa can offer this scholarship in as much they meet up with the requirements. They offer various loans to African students who need them. In addition to this, there are other services they offer which are tuition payment deferral, emergency loans in case they are eventualities, and a work-study program for job opportunities. Read more…

This is one of the universities that offer scholarships in Canada for African students. You must be eligible to apply for this scholarship. Presently, they have more than 4,400 scholarships available for international students. The various people who can apply for this scholarship are International students, Undergraduates, and High school students. Their major examination is in English language, which implies you must be proficient in it. They offer different awards to students such as Academic Merits Scholarship, Financial Awards Scholarship, and others. Read more…

They have the best tuition fee that is affordable which you can’t get in any institutions in Canada. They offer scholarships that come in millions of dollars for African students. The good thing about the University of Alberta is if you fill a form pertaining to an award application, you can have access to several international scholarships from this university. They have different scholarships such as General Undergraduate Scholarships, Sponsored Student Scholarships, Country-Specific Scholarships, and Athletic Scholarships. Read more…

Presently, there are eleven Scholarships available for African students in Canada with their necessary requirements. They appreciate efforts from African and other international students to the extent they do reserve the sum of $30 million every year in order to meet up scholarship needs by assisting students financially. A typical example of this award is an International Major Entrance Scholarship. This is a scholarship that is being offered to exceptional African students who are about doing an undergraduate program. Read more…

This is one of the institutions that offer scholarships for students in Africa. Wilfrid Laurier offers Entrance Scholarships. This scholarship is mainly for students who are just gaining admission as a fresher for their undergraduate studies. Therefore, there are no applications for this kind of scholarship. The determining factor is based on how you performed when you were in your secondary education. They also have other two types of scholarship for African students – President’s Gold Scholarship, and In-course Scholarships. Read more…

They offer scholarship to a limited number of students. The scholarship is highly competitive based on this reason. They have comfortable edifices that allow international students to concentrate while studying. They have Entrance Scholarships, IB Entrance Scholarships, International Program Tuition Levy Scholarships, Jack Matthews International Scholarships, Justin Chiu International Scholarships, and others. All these different scholarships have various criteria. Read more…

This school does offer the sum of $11 million to African students like scholarship. As a student, you must be dedicated to your studies to achieve various scholarships from Lakehead University, and this has been shown from one of their scholarships known as Entrance Scholarship which offers admission to those who are done with their secondary studies. They also have two scholarships under Presidential Scholarship which provides the sum of $30,000 for 4 years. Another scholarship they have is Entrance Athletic Scholarships for varsity athletes. Read more…

This university has different kinds of scholarships; Entrance Scholarship for those who are done with high school, President Entrance Scholarship for full time, Excellence Entrance Scholarship which is a tuition scholarship award of $3,000, Gladys and Harvey Kipp Entrance Endowment Scholarship with the sum of $4,000 annually, Dr. Francis Pang Endowment Entrance Scholarship with the sum of $1,050 to computer students, George A. Ferguson Memorial Annual Entrance Scholarship with the sum of $5,000 for students, and others. Read more…

One of the things that’s unique about Ryerson University when once you meet up with their criteria, you will be awarded a scholarship. You need to be registered as a full student, and if it is your first time to register as an undergraduate. The various scholarships they have are Entrance Scholarships; others are Faculty-Wide Entrance Scholarship, President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $40,000 for 4 years, International Secondary School Merit Scholarship with the sum of $5,000, and postgraduate scholarships for Master’s students. Read more…

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Canadian Scholarships are open to students from all academic disciplines, it is aimed at increasing opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students. Some scholarship programs currently available for International students are as follows:

1.  Continent scholarship at Niagara College Canada

Niagara College provides students with lifelong employ-ability skills and helps them succeed both academically and professionally. It also offers multiple ways to achieve the best education and exciting career. Get financial support to start your academic journey in Canada. Niagara College is providing the Africa Continent funding for the academic session 2020-2021. The main purpose of this bursary is to support students from Africa who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree program at the college.

Eligibility: Africa students

Value: $2000

Type: Undergraduates

2.  Entrance International Scholarship at Selkirk College Canada

Selkirk College came into existence in 1966 and was the first community college in the province of British Columbia. Now, it has become one of the biggest institutions in the region. This is an opportunity to Unleash your potential with the help of this Entrance International Scholarship funded by Selkirk College. This funding program intends to support the higher education of academically talented international students at Selkirk College.

Application deadline: 1 December 2020

Eligibility: Open to all nationality 

Value: $1000

Type: undergraduates and masters

 3. 2020 International Baccalaureate Scholarships at Brescia University

The Brescia University is offering the International Baccalaureate Scholarships to High achieving applicants who are looking at studying for a degree program at the Institution. All these funding opportunities will be awarded based on academic achievement. To qualify, applicants must be overseas students 

Eligibility: International students

Value: $1500 to $3500

Type: Undergraduate

4. The University of Alberta Scholarships In Canada 

The University of Alberta Scholarship 2021 is now open. The University is one of the Top 5 Canadian universities offering Full Scholarships for International Students to Study Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. 

Application deadline: 1st November 2020, March 1st, 2021, May 1st, 2021

Eligibility: International students.

Value: $9,000

Type: Graduate programs

For guidance and more information on how to apply, sign up for a study abroad consultation with us, and reach out to one of our study abroad & Global Scholarship consultants to guide you through the application and selection process.

All these scholarships are to support African students in Canada. Before anyone has to apply for any of these scholarships in these various institutions, they should make an inquiry on their criteria in order to have an idea of what it entails. I recommend if you have an interest in any school, you need to visit their website to have detailed knowledge of the scholarships in Canada for African students.

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