2021-2022 Lithuania Scholarships in Eastern Europe (SCHENGEN VISA)

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2021-2022 Lithuania Scholarships in Eastern Europe(SCHENGEN VISA)
2021-2022 Lithuania Scholarships in Eastern Europe(SCHENGEN VISA)

The first higher educational institution in Eastern Europe is situated in Lithuania. It is one of the most sought after countries in Europe for higher studies. English language programs, innovative teaching methods, cheap universities, amazing architecture, and high quality of life are just some of the things that are attracting international students to study in Lithuania with the speed of light. The Universities in Lithuania offer a wide range of scholarships to their students each year and the entry requirements are pretty much easy.

Public schools in Lithuania mainly use Lithuanian as the language of instruction, but exceptions can be made if the need arises and specific courses can be offered in English as well. 

ELTS Requirement in Lithuania Universities:

A number of higher education institutions in Lithuania use English as their medium of instruction. International students with English as a first language do not have to prove their language proficiency. Students who can speak English fluently but are not native speakers will be assessed for their fluency via an interview. There is absolutely no need to take the test of IELTS in order to secure admission in a Lithuanian institution. The students will face no difficulties in securing a student visa if they haven’t taken IELTS either. 

Top Universities in Lithuania:

The educational system of Lithuania is one of the best in the world. The QS World University Rankings have placed three of the Lithuanian universities into its list of top Universities. These are Vilnius University (VU), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), and Vytautas Magnus University (VMU). Other top institutions are European Humanities University, International Business School of Vilnius University, and ISM University of Management and Economics. 

Working part-time as a Student in Lithuania:

Lithuania is very flexible when it comes to letting the students work. International students can secure part-time work while studying in Lithuania. Students from outside of the European Union have to apply for a work permit from the Labor Exchange of Lithuania. It will allow them to work for up to 20 hours a week. There is a huge demand for English language teachers in Lithuania at the moment. Working part-time as an English language instructor is a good way to go about earning and learning simultaneously. The minimum hourly wage in Lithuania is 3.72 EUR. 

Living Expenses in Lithuania:

Lithuania is considered a comparatively cheaper country to live in. It has been ranked 589 out of 780 destinations in the world (with the first one being the most expensive and 780th being the least). The living costs hugely depend upon the lifestyles of the students. A single person will need around 528 EUR a month without rent to sustain life in Lithuania. A one-bedroom apartment can cost you from 300 EUR to 600 EUR a month (depending upon whether you choose to live inside or outside of the City Centre). 

List of Scholarships in Lithuania:

Higher education in Lithuania is already cheaper than in most other European countries. The cost of living is also affordable. On top of that, there are generous scholarships available for outstanding and financially underprivileged students which enable them to study in Lithuania at the lowest possible price. Let’s have a look at these scholarships:

#1 Kaunas University of Technology Scholarships:

These scholarships are available at the undergraduate and master’s level for international students. These scholarships are fully-funded and are awarded to the most outstanding students. Students from all subject areas can apply to this scholarship program. There are some partial scholarships available as well which give either some percentage of discounts on the tuition charge or give a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. The scholarship is open to students from specific countries.

#2 Vilnius University Awards for non-EU students:

These scholarships are being awarded to those international students who are from outside of the EU/EEA area. The level of study must be a full-time master’s and all the subject areas are included within the scholarship program. It is the largest university in the whole of Lithuania which offers programs in Russian and English language. The recipients will be able to get a full tuition fee waiver. Students who are interested in applying must not be in receipt of any other scholarship from any other means.

#3 Vytautas Magnus University Scholarships:

The VMU in Lithuania is awarding scholarships to international bachelor’s and master’s students. The scholarship is awarded in the form of partial tuition fee waivers. The eligible programs are the ones that are taught in English. Students will be required to prove their English language fluency via interviews or tests designed by the university. There is no need to submit scores of IELTS. 

#4 Lithuanian Government Awards:

These awards can be taken up in the higher educational institutions of Lithuania. The total number of awards is 70 which are only available for international students. The scholarship is available to those students who are already pursuing a master’s degree in one of the universities in Lithuania. Students will be awarded an amount of 380 EUR a month. The students from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia will be covered for the whole cost of their studies provided that they are enrolled in one of the following subject areas:

    • Physical Sciences
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Creative Arts
    • Design
    • Technological Sciences

A quota of 40 grants is reserved for the students from Ukraine. Candidates must have good knowledge of the language in which their desired program is being taught.

#5 Lithuania Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship is primarily designed to preserve Lithuanian heritage and support students from Lithuania and the USA. Provided at the bachelor’s and master’s level, these scholarships are given to students pursuing linguistics, folklore, and literature or Lithuanian history. The recipients will be awarded an amount of 5,000 USD per year. The scholarship is given on a yearly basis. Students who wish to get the scholarship for the second year will have to re-apply. 

Official link: https://ascholarship.com/

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