2021-2022 Global Scholarships Apps: Free Download

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2021-2022 Global Scholarships Apps: Free Download

Read onward, as some of the best scholarship apps out right now have all been reviewed and condensed down into one, single, and very handy list. These apps provide some truly excellent resources with which anyone can dive right into the wide world of college scholarships today. From Scholly Search and College Hunch to RaiseMe and ScholarshipOwl and everything worthy between, the following scholarship apps represent 10 of the best options out there right now.

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1. Global Scholarship

Join our Global Scholarship community and download the #Free_mobile_web_App http://global-scholarship.shoptorsi.com/ – advancing the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning around the world.

2. ScholarshipOwl

Recommended by a whole line of reputable organizations such as Forbes and NewsWatch, ScholarshipOwl really can help all kinds of scholarship-minded users. With this great app, one can register their information and educational goals, and then the app automatically works to find applicable scholarship opportunities matching that individual’s qualifying specs and educational goals. In addition to this great service, ScholarshipOwl itself offers a number of extra incentives for new users including “scholarship-doubling” and a ScholarshipOwl $1,000 registration scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship App

3. RaiseMe

Beginning as early as in the 9th-grade year, students using the RaiseMe app can begin to accumulate valuable micro-scholarships. Essentially, once a student is registered with the RaiseMe app, they can post accomplishments to it and then be rewarded with scholarship monies depending on the weight of their particular accomplishments. In addition to generating scholarship funds, this app also serves as a basic but very helpful information resource for US colleges and their associated attendance costs.

Scholarship App

4. PLEXUSS College Admission Help

Another great, app-based tool for locating scholarships comes by way of the PLEXUSS College Admission Help app. In PLEXUSS, users can not only locate any number of excellent scholarship opportunities but they can also find the best-fitting colleges for them, information on financial aid, and more. The app’s “Connections” feature even allows for making connections and communicating with other, like-minded users for further versatility and networking options toward those goals.

Scholarship App

5. Scholly Search

The cleverly-named Scholly Search app makes scholarship searching easy with its intuitive interface and access to abundant inside connections. Via mobile or desktop connection, users of this one gain access to a large pool of scholarships along with the app’s unique matching system that pairs best-match scholarships to the user based on their personal preferences. The app’s “Scholarship Tracking” feature also allows for organized, all-in-one tracking and status monitoring, so you always know exactly what’s happening with your application, deadlines, pending actions, and more.

Scholarship App


“HBCU” stands for historically black colleges and universities, and this special type of school and schooling are what the HBCU HUB app is devoted to connecting students to. With the HBCU HUB app, the user can search HBCU schools, get their ratings, specs, and reviews, locate scholarship opportunities, and utilize the app’s excellent match-maker tool to find all the best fits. Virtually everything anyone could need in order to locate a good HBCU, locate and apply to associated scholarships, and get enrolled in school is all right here in one, single app.

Scholarship App

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7. College Scholarship Calculator

Exclusively available to Apple device users, Raptor’s College Scholarship Calculator app is a top choice for that group of students. With this app, you can find colleges based on proximity and other options, build a resulting list of potential schools of interest, get assessments as to the likelihood you’ll be accepted into each of those schools, and find the various financial offerings associated with attendance with each of those schools. The side-by-side cost and stat comparisons this app gives are especially helpful when trying to narrow those long lists of potential schools to attend.

Scholarship App

8. Scholarships.com app

Scholarships.com itself is a leader in the world of online scholarship directory services, and the group’s namesake scholarship app extends access to its wares to an even greater and very on-the-go audience. The official website was established in 1998 as one of the original resources of its kind, and the site’s subsequent app brings all the same power and access as the traditional website. With this app, users can enjoy building a custom profile, access to a vast database of scholarship opportunities, and even utilize plenty of additional resources for help finding financial aid.

Scholarship App

9. Pocket Points: Student Rewards

While not exactly a scholarship app in itself, Pocket Points: Student Rewards is nonetheless a fantastic and easy-to-use option that allows students to earn financial perks in one of two ways. If you can manage to dedicate all of your class time to being completely phone-free, this app will reward you. Also, for being completely phone-free while driving, you are rewarded. Reward points can then be exchanged for a wide variety of offers, discounts, credits, coupons, and other financial perks that can all help out in those finance-tight college days.

Scholarship App

10. Fastweb College Scholarships

Fastweb College Scholarships is a great app choice for gaining quick access to a whole trove of scholarships and their associated specs. Plentiful scholarship access is just the start, though, because with this app also comes access to school directory information, personalized search modes, and even valuable career guidance. Get it on Apple or Android and put to use the popular option recommended by US News and World Report, CBS Money Watch, The Chicago Tribune, and others.

Scholarship App

11. College Hunch

For anyone seeking that valuable, extra hunch of college guidance, College Hunch may just be the perfect option. With this great scholarship app, school guidance and all the scholarship info one may need is just a screen-tap away. Features of College Hunch include school browsing that includes thousands of colleges and universities, a large database of scholarships, scholarship deadline, and important date tracking, and even deep demographics rundowns. Easily among the best scholarship apps right now, College Hunch even provides instant spreadsheet capabilities in which the user can custom compile and analyze select school and scholarship data.

Scholarship App

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Know of a scholarship app that we missed? Contact us at scholarships@greatvaluecolleges.net.

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