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2023-2024 Global Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries -York University in Canada

100% Study Grants Global Scholarships in Canada

Are you interested to study in CANADA? but are unsure of where you can find global scholarships? Download our Free Global Scholarship Handbook. Our site provides most up to date information on Scholarships, Exchange/Fellowship Programs, Study Abroad, and Volunteer/Internship opportunities all across the globe like Canada, USA, UK, Australia. Through this site we are creating a network of scholarship seekers and their providers. Relevant information can be searched and shared as per different requirements.

Canada is committed to education, as seen by the beautiful, cutting-edge campuses of its colleges. Canada’s world-class academic system, high living standards, vibrant employment market, and hospitable culture make it a popular study abroad destination.

The fact that 388,782 international students call Canada home is evidence that it is a good alternative for higher education. There are several degree programs offered in Canada, spanning from the humanities to technology and health as well as some unique environmental studies.

A lot of English and French language schools also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, including camping and skiing. The level of education is comparable to that of the US and the UK, but tuition fees and living costs are much lower.

How to Apply Online (2023-2024) for; LIVE, WORK AND STUDY IN CANADA

Canada is the top most welcoming countries for Students from around the world. Living, working and studying in Canada is a dream for many people. However, you have already been able to make it happen and […]

How to get 100% scholarship in Canada?

  1. List of Canada’s Top 7 Fully Funded Scholarships. Award for a Global Leader of Tomorrow from UBC. Graduate Fellowship at the University of Manitoba. Scholarship from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. Program for Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS). Scholarship for the University of Waterloo.
  2. Conclusion.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions.

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International Scholarships

Are you a Canadian scholar seeking funding for your studies or research abroad, or are you an international student looking for scholarships to study in Canada? Look nowhere else!

The involvement of the Canadian government in significant international scholarship competitions is the responsibility of Global Affairs Canada. We list international scholarships provided by international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and governments from Canada and other countries. Start looking now!

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Featured scholarships

Study in Canada Scholarship

The Study in Canada Scholarships offer short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels in Canadian post-secondary institutions to students from post-secondary institutions located in the new eligible countries/territories.

Canada-CARICOM Skills Training for the Green Economy Scholarships

Skills Training for the Green Economy: A Canada-CARICOM Initiative Scholarships offer short-term exchange opportunities at publicly financed Canadian colleges and universities for students from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states.


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Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program

Students from Latin America and the Caribbean can exchange for a brief period of time to study or do research in Canadian post-secondary institutions under the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program.

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Discover available scholarship opportunities to study or conduct research abroad.

Find international scholarships for non-Canadians

Discover available scholarship opportunities to study, conduct research or professional development in Canada.

Apply for Scholarships

Apply online for scholarships supported by Global Affairs Canada that are open to Canadian and international students, researchers, and faculty members.

Featured news

Scholarships in Japan for Canadian students

April 20, 2023 – Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is offering scholarships to Canadian students wishing to pursue their studies at a Japanese university.

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Competition open for Canadian and international postdoctoral researchers

April 19, 2023 – The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program 2023-2024 is now open to both Canadian and international researchers who have recently completed a PhD, a PhD-equivalent, or health professional degree.

Opportunity for Canadian Researchers: Isidro Fabela Research Program

April 17, 2023 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, through the North America Unit and the Directorate-General of the Archives of Diplomatic History has launched a call for the Isidro Fabela Research Program. Canadians have until June 30, 2023 to apply.

List of Top 7 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Before we begin, you need to understand that a Canada scholarship is offered only based on merit and mainly at the postgraduate level. So, here is the list of the top 7 fully-funded scholarships in Canada

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

The University of British Columbia’s Karen McKellin overseas Leader of Tomorrow Award is the top scholarship for overseas students. This prize is given to international undergraduates who excel in the classroom, show leadership, and participate in extracurricular activities at UBC.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be an international student studying at UBC.
  • You should have a Canadian study permit.
  • You should have completed high school in a recognized institution in your home country.
  • You must have satisfied all UBC admission conditions and passed the English proficiency standards.
  • Students must possess an excellent academic record to be eligible for the scholarship.

Who is this scholarship for?

International students who are applying for the undergraduate program at the University of British Columbia.

What does it cover?

After deducting the applicant’s family’s financial contribution, the scholarship covers the complete cost of tuition and living expenses for all four years of undergraduate study.

Maximum Value

The scholarship can fund up to a maximum of 25,000 CAD

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

Every year, the University of Manitoba awards undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students with scholarships. It provides undergraduate students with two different types of scholarships: an entry scholarship and a scholarship for academic performance. The institution also invests almost $2 million in postgraduate fellowships for Masters and PhD students in addition to this.

Eligibility Criteria

Students can apply for the Global Scholarships in Canada if they have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equal. The applicant must be enrolled full-time as the sole additional requirement.

Who is this scholarship for?

This scholarship is for students pursuing medical and MBA studies at the University of Manitoba.

What does it cover?

The scholarship covers the tuition fee funding for five years. It includes both masters and doctoral programs.

Maximum Value

A scholarship of up to 28,000 CAD for two years is available to students pursuing a Master’s degree, while a scholarship of up to 72,000 CAD is available to those pursuing a doctoral degree.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship is the next item on the list. It is a nonprofit organization that actively supports students by offering a variety of scholarships, fellowships, and mentorships. At different Canadian universities, such as the renowned McGill University, University of Waterloo, and Ryerson University, to name a few, this foundation gives scholarships. This Global Scholarships program in Canada has considerably benefited international doctoral students.


  • You must be admitted to any university for full-time doctoral studies.
  • The doctoral research should cover any topic under humanities and human sciences.
  • You should be an international student with a Canadian PR.

Who is this scholarship for?

International students with the aim of pursuing a PhD in Canada.

What does it cover?

This scholarship pays for both living expenses and the program’s total tuition. In addition to paying for tuition, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation also helps students with the costs of travel, research, and other activities related to their PhD program. This will enable the students to concentrate more on obtaining their doctorates.

Maximum Value

This scholarship covers a maximum value of up to 20,000 CAD.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Programme

This fellowship intends to reward and promote excellence in graduate studies at any Ontario university. The award is offered only to students who meet all eligibility requirements and is solely based on merit. International students who have a current study permission are eligible to apply for the OGS scholarships. The student must be registered full-time in an Ontario-based Canadian university. Receiving the Ontario Graduate Scholarship grant depends heavily on academic consistency.


Since this is a merit-based scholarship, the scholarship application is reviewed and confirmed if you satisfy the following eligibility criteria –

  • You are graduating in masters or doctoral studies.
  • You are enrolled in a full-time program.
  • You are admitted to one of the participating Ontario Schools.

Who is this scholarship for?

This Global Scholarships in Canada is applicable for students who have enrolled for masters and doctoral studies.

What does it cover?

When it comes to master’s programs, the scholarship covers the tuition costs for two academic years, while doctorate programs are covered for four.

Maximum Value

This Global Scholarships in Canada cover up to 10,000 CAD for 2 study terms and 15,000 CAD for 3 study terms.

University of Waterloo Scholarship

The University of Waterloo was a pioneer in providing students in Canada with some of the greatest scholarships available. The best thing is that, with the exception of a few uncommon circumstances, there is no application process for these Global Scholarships in Canada. Here are some of this university’s well-known scholarships:

  • President’s Scholarship of Distinction
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship
  • International Student Entrance Scholarship

Many international applicants seeking a place at the University of Waterloo view the International Student Entrance Scholarship as a blessing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be a full-time undergraduate student with a minimum of 90% admission average.
  • If you are enrolled in computer science and mathematics, you must pass the Euclid Mathematics Contest in order to be eligible for the award.
  • Global Scholarships in Canada are given to students enrolling in financial management courses based on their performance on the admissions assignment for accounting and financial management.

Who is this scholarship for?

Students who enroll for any of the full-time degree programs at the University of Waterloo.

What does it cover?

The scholarships cover a part of the tuition fee of the graduate programs.

Maximum Value

This scholarship can cover up to 10,000 CAD.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This award, which was established for doctoral students and those who have applied for the combined master’s degree at Canadian universities, is named after the country’s first governor general, Georges P. Vanier. Only the university the student has chosen to attend will process their Vanier scholarship application.

The Vanier scholarship’s main benefit is that it is available to part-time students as well, with financing that is equivalent to that of a full-time Global Scholarships in Canada.


  • You should be an international student applying for a doctoral program in Canada.
  • You should have a first-class degree in UG as well as in PG.
  • You should have enrolled only for the humanities, health sciences, and engineering specializations.

Students pursuing a joint master’s degree may still apply for this grant if they meet the other requirements, but only the PhD portion of the program will be covered.

Who can apply?

Only first-year PhD candidates with a focus in the humanities, sciences of health, the natural world, or engineering are eligible to apply for this grant.

Who is this scholarship for?

This scholarship covers the tuition fee and major living expenses of the international student.

Maximum Value

A student will be awarded a maximum of 50,000 CAD per year for a period of three years.

University of Alberta Scholarship

Due to the numerous scholarships available to foreign students wishing to study for their master’s and doctoral degrees in Canada, the number of international students at this university in Edmonton has grown dramatically. The bulk of available scholarships are entrance scholarships, which students can apply for when they are accepted.

Some scholarships even waive the requirement for an application and provide immediate access to begin the study.


  • You should be a full-time applicant to the University of Alberta.
  • You should apply for the first-year undergraduate or graduate program with a minimum of 80% admission average.

Who is this scholarship for?

Students looking to pursue masters and PhD degrees at the University of Alberta.

What does it cover?

It covers the entire tuition fee and living expenses of the student till the time of graduation.

Community Colleges in Canada

Maximum Value


A student will be entitled to a scholarship amount of up to 9,000 CAD every year.

Canada Government Scholarships

Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master’s)

Scholarships for high-calibre students engaged in master’s or doctoral programs in Canada.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Scholarships for doctoral studies in health, sciences, engineering or humanities.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fellowships for postdoctoral studies in health, sciences, engineering or humanities.

Natural sciences and engineering undergraduate awards

Awards available to undergraduate students in natural sciences and engineering.

Natural sciences and engineering postgraduate awards

Awards available to master’s and doctoral students in natural sciences and engineering.

Natural sciences and engineering postdoctoral awards

Awards for postdoctoral fellowships in natural sciences and engineering.

Social sciences and humanities scholarships and fellowships

Funding programs for students and postdoctoral researchers in the social sciences and humanities.

International scholarships for Canadians

Scholarships for Canadians who want to study or conduct research abroad.

International scholarships for non-Canadians

Scholarships for international students who want to study in Canada.

Aboriginal bursaries and scholarships search tool

More than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

International business scholarships

Scholarships for undergraduate studies in international business or business and environment/sustainability.

International development graduate student awards

Funding awards for master’s, PhD and post-doctoral work on international development challenges.

H.L. Holmes Award for Post-Doctoral Studies

Advanced analytics, computer vision, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies.

Dick Martin Scholarship Award

Scholarship for students in occupational health and safety studies.

Royal Military College scholarships and awards

Scholarships, awards and prizes available to students at the Royal Military College of Canada.


The amount of scholarships offered by Canadian colleges to international students is fairly considerable. Students who meet the qualifying requirements are eligible to receive fully funded scholarships to cover their tuition costs and other expenditures. There are numerous other universities that provide Global Scholarships in Canada to international students, thus this list of scholarships is not exhaustive.

However, it takes time and work to be accepted into a college with a scholarship. A website like Global Scholarship can be useful in this situation. Numerous pupils are receiving focused expert assistance in obtaining scholarships for college admission in nations like Canada. We also provide assistance with applying for Global Scholarships in Canada in nations like the US and the UK. Sign up today to start pursuing your goal of studying abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships offered for research purposes in Canada?

Universities in Canada provide a number of funding schemes to welcome immigrants coming to the country to do research. The Government of Canada and Global Affairs Canada jointly offer these Global Scholarships in Canada to non-Canadian applicants. Depending on your field of study, the scholarship’s value and eligibility requirements change.

How do I stay updated about the latest news for scholarships?

Working with a consultant that specializes in scholarships and study abroad, such as Leap Scholar, is the simplest way to go about it. We’ll keep you informed about all the upcoming scholarship programs, their qualifying requirements, and how to succeed in them. You can also go to the websites of various colleges to find out all the key dates, such as the beginning and ending dates of the application process. However, this technique takes more time.

Are there scholarships available for literature courses in Canada?

Yes. Scholarship programs for English as a Second Language courses are offered by universities like the University of Calgary, Thompson Rivers University, University of Toronto, and more. Scholarships are offered for French classes in addition to English.

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